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As any serious marketer knows, “The money is in the list”.  The 5iphon EXTREME list building system has shown to be one of the best methods I’ve found for building that list.

5iphon is one of the most revolutionary email list building systems that I’ve seen to date.  I’ve been working on list building strategies for years, from using my own squeeze pages and list building scripts, to using safelists and solo-ads, to internet list building programs.  From purchasing list building guides, to learning in forums.

But I’d never seen anything like the 5iphon extreme list builder before today.

5iphon HARDCORE List BuilderMost of the time, I found that I could categorize email list building programs that I found into two main categories.

On the one hand, there were the email list builders that worked solely based on the effort and traffic driving that I put into them. It didn’t take me long to realize that sending my hard earned traffic to my own squeeze pages would be more effective than sending it to someone else’s pages.

The 5iphon hardcore system does require initial effort, but also allows you to leverage the traffic that you bring in to further build your 5iphon email list.

On the other hand, there were the programs that gave me more email addresses – but not necessarily fresh.  Every week or two, I’d get a new set of addresses.  Sometimes in the form of leads, and sometimes in the form of part of my “mailing group” to whom I could mail, but which I don’t actually get the leads for.

The 5iphon extreme list builder sends me fresh leads, all from new signups, and all from people in a related industry to my own.

So how does the 5iphon hardcore list builder work?

The 5iphon extreme system uses a system called the Send 5 viral system to build your list virally beyond the core that you set up.

When you first sign up, you are given the choice of a free or upgraded membership.  Free 5iphon members are required to refer 5 users, called your Base Referrals, before their site automatically opens up, whereas users who take the paid upgrade get their site immediately opened (amongst the other great paid upgrade perks).

Access the FREE 5iphon hardcore system by clicking here.

Once your site has automatically launched, every member who joins 5iphon hardcore through your referral link will be keyed to your account.  The 5 base referrals of every such user will be added to YOUR list.

That means if you refer 100 users to 5iphon hardcore, one of two things will happen:

Either you will get up to 500 additional users onto your personal email marketing list, OR if you’re an upgraded 5iphon EXTREME member, and your referrals upgrade, you’ll earn 55% commissions on the upgrade fees!

So that’s either up to 500 double-opt-in email addresses for your list, or cold hard cash.

For me, that’s a win-win situation.

That’s great… But can everyone use the 5iphon extreme system?

But it wasn’t enough to convince me (yet).

I knew that I could bring in my 100 5iphon hardcore members, but I wondered if it would be easy enough for them to recruit their 5 members each.  I made a simple experiment, which you can see here, where I tracked how fast I could build my initial 5 “base referrals”.

The results were amazing.  By simply driving traffic to my 5iphon extreme referral page, I was able to bring in my 5 base referrals, AND earn $19.56 in profit in just a few hours!

When I saw that, I knew that the 5iphon list builder is exactly the program that I’ve been looking for for years!  It’s a list builder which delivers fresh email leads.  It’s an email list builder which delivers the emails directly onto my aWeber mailing list.  And it’s a list builder that continues to work for me even without my bringing constant streams of traffic.

In short, 5iphon is the perfect email list building system for me!

I urge you to sign up to 5iphon extreme now, and see for yourself how to build your email list 5 times faster!

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